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Cheap Price Disposable Gloves Catering Food Kitchen

Product overview: disposable sanitary ware food contact gloves are made of non-toxic and tasteless new material PE which can directly contact with food and have good durability and protective effect
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Disposable medical gloves

Disposable medical gloves
Product overview:Disposable sanitary gloves for food contact are made of non-toxic and odorless new material PE, which can directly contact with food and has good durability and protection effect. The packaging can be carried out according to customers' requirements, such as single package, card booking, box, bag, etc. PE and Po can be used as raw materials for embossing, with complete specifications, good quality and favorable price. Full weight, full number, fine workmanship, good toughness, not easy to break, tough and thick, good waterproof and oil proof effect, refuse to use recycled materials, so as to ensure that the product is non-toxic, sterile, harmless, clean and hygienic.